Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga Healing & Urine Therapy

Each week, I interview intelligent, thoughtful, caring, resourceful, and inspiring podcasters. These folks are producing interesting shows and it’s my job to allow you to get to know them a bit more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram or visit podcastjunkies.com to hear the latest episodes.

Founder & CEO of YogaHealer & Yoga Health Coaching, Cate Stillman joins the show to discuss her work as an innovative Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and health coach. Cate is the author of four books, including Body Thrive and Master Of You. Today, Harry and Cate engage in a rich dialogue on digital content marketing, positive stressor habits and what it means to be living on purpose. Cate expounds on her work guiding people to live their unique greater purpose, how she’s grown as a podcaster and one of her most exciting focuses currently, urine therapy.

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Harry Duran

Harry Duran


I help thought leaders find their voice thru podcasting • Founder, FullCast • Host, Podcast Junkies