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Each week, I interview intelligent, thoughtful, caring, resourceful, and inspiring podcasters. These folks are producing interesting shows and it’s my job to allow you to get to know them a bit more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram or visit podcastjunkies.com to hear the latest episodes.

I welcome to the podcast creator, consultant, entrepreneur, and podcaster, Sachit Gupta. Sachit is the host of Conscious Creators Show, a podcast that provides intimate and insightful interviews with authors, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and other podcasters in order to help others increase their creativity and artistic growth. On this episode, we discuss what Sachit learned from working with multiple successful podcasters on the production of their podcasts. Sachit speaks to the importance he places on preparation as it is one of the few things in life that he finds is under his control. He talks about what motivates and drives him and the mentors who have helped him along his journey. Then, Sachit provides three tactics he has found that have led to his success as an entrepreneur.

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